Inspect Before You Purchase

Below is a $25,000 mistake.

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A 10 x 100 foot Cooling Tunnel purchased from a photograph on an Internet Auction site.
The picture the buyer based his purchased on was of the machine installed in the plant.
I was asked to inspect this machine after the fact and give a price for disassembling and loading.
Below are the pictures taken during my visit ...

We can inspect before you pay, give you a fair price for equipment prep and loading, and make arrangements for trucking.

Thinking about a used equipment purchase? Call 919 894 7976 before you buy.


We sold this De-Bag Table on above (left) to an "Equipment Dealer" who never installed it.

They never paid for the unit and later offered it back to us instead of payment.

Glad I decided to "INSPECT" the table before I paid the return freight.

An expensive trip to inspect but an even bigger mistake to buy before inspection ... That's why you need to trust but verify.

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